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Indoor Fireworks

Planning your wedding, playing a gig, or looking to add that WOW factor to your special event? You CAN have amazing fireworks indoors, with Sparkular, a safe, smokeless, and cold-spark special-effects fountain.

Indoor Fireworks - Light up the room!

Sparkular indoor fireworks can be used safely in any room, hall, or space both indoors AND outdoors, for any occasion big or small. Multiple Sparkular units can be choreographed to music or synchronized to provide an array of stand-alone special effects. Your guests won't believe their own eyes when they see fireworks indoors. The impact is magical and absolutely unforgettable.

indoor wedding with sparkular

Yes, It's Really Safe!

At Rocket, safety is our number one priority. Our indoor fireworks use a novel and patented technology to produce a safe, non-combustible, granulate material that shoots upwards as a controlled fountain. Sparkular indoor fireworks rely on physics, not chemistry, to create a cold sparkle-effect. Instead of a flame or pilot-flame, Sparkular uses the atmosphere to generate sparks. This is the future of special effects.

Smokeless and Odor Free

Sparkular's indoor fireworks can reach an astonishing five meters high, but even at their maximum height they never emit smoke or bad smells. The only thing that will linger after your event are your special memories.

Indoor Fireworks in Action!

See what Rocket and Sparkular can do for your event in the gallery below.

Indoor Fireworks Rental Packages

For most one-time events, such as weddings or New Year's Eve parties, Rocket recommends renting an indoor-fireworks package with a professional technician to perform at your venue. Renting a Sparkular indoor-fireworks package is less expensive than buying, and guarantees your display will go off without a hitch.

Indoor Fireworks Rental Locations

    • Toronto, Mississauga, and the GTA
    • Niagara Falls
    • Hamilton
    • Cambridge/Kitchener-Waterloo
    • Peterborough
    • Barrie
    • Brampton

Buy Sparkular: Indoor Fireworks Machines

If you're planning multiple events, consider owning your very own indoor-fireworks machine! offers a variety of exclusive Sparkular effects units, delivered anywhere in Canada.

Don't Forget Fog, Confetti, Sparklers, and Glow!

For the perfect complement to your indoor fireworks display, add fog effects, confetti cannons and poppers, hand-held sparklers, glow sticks, glow bracelettes, glow crowns, and glow bottle toppers.

For Nightclubs, Wedding Planners, Stadiums, and Events Companies

Do you run a nightclub or events company? Get special pricing and service through our Wholesale Program. Or trust's Professional Services team to deliver unforgettable effects and party favours night after night, both indoors and outdoors!

Want to Wow the Crowd?


Light up the night with special moments that only can deliver.

From Backyards to Stadiums

For your next backyard gathering, community event, wedding, club, party, festival, or pro-level outdoor extravaganza, don't disappoint with anything less than original fireworks.

Delivered to Your Doorstep

Ordering fireworks online at is fast, safe, and FREE for orders $145+ in the GTA or $175+ across Canada. We deliver in 1-4 days to most Canadian destinations. Or visit one of Rocket's many retail stores across Ontario, with eye-popping selections of candles, shells, cakes, fountains, and complete "show in a box" packages.

Mind Blowing Value

For over 20 years, has built exclusive wholesale and distributor partnerships to bring you the lowest prices for the best fireworks money can buy in Canada. You get the biggest BANG for your buck at, GUARANTEED. We'll match any price you find online in Canada.

wedding with fireworks

Professional Displays

White-glove event management from set up to grand finale

Weddings • Parties • Special Events • Corporate Functions

They'll never forget your Rocket Fireworks!