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Fireworks Safety Instructions

Download or Print a copy of our Fireworks Safety Instructions: FIREWORKS-SAFETY.pdf


Follow the Safety Instructions outlined below to ensure a safe Family Fireworks Display:

Brace or bury aerial fireworks

Bury or Brace Aerial Fireworks

  • ALWAYS BURY OR BRACE AERIAL FIREWORKS--unless the instructions on the label indicate otherwise. For example, do NOT ignite Fireworks Cakes on the Ground without securing them: they can tip over and shoot sideways, causing serious injury to persons nearby. 
  • BURY aerial Fireworks to half their length in a pail filled with earth or sand; or
  • BRACE aerial Fireworks by placing bricks, sandbags or other heavy objects on both sides of them.
Using Fireworks: be a good neighbour

Be a Good Neigbour!

  • Notify your neighbours when you are going to shoot Fireworks. Some of them may have pets to protect. Others may be alarmed if they do not expect the noise.
  • ALWAYS clean up your fireworks debris, particularly any that lands on someone's property other than your own.
Store Fireworks safely

Store & Transport Fireworks Safety

  • Store Fireworks in a cool, dry place and out of the reach of children.
  • When transporting Fireworks, do not leave them sitting in direct sunlight: keep them in your trunk or in a cardboard box in the passanger compartment of your vehicle.
  • Never smoke while loading, transporting or unloading fireworks.
Fireworks Age Restriction: Canada

Age 18+ or direct adult supervision

  • People under 18 years of age who use Fireworks be supervised directly by an adult.
    Use Fireworks in a wide, clear area

    Select a safe Firing Stage

    • Choose a wide, clear site away from all obstacles.
    • Refer to the safety instrucitons on each label for minimum safe distances from spectators. 
    • Shoot from private property, with the permission of the property owner.
    Do not shoot Fireworks in excessive winds

    Do not fire in windy conditions

    • Do not shoot Fireworks in winds above 30km/hr
    Follow Fireworks Safety Instructions

    Follow instructions on product packaging

    • Read the instructions printed on each firework label so you understand how to use each item safely.
    • Plan your setup and the order of firing in advance. 
    Do not hold Fireworks in your hand

    Do not hold Fireworks in your hand

    • NEVER try to light a Firework in your hand or to hold it during use, unless the manufacturer's instructions specifically indicate that the item is meant to be handheld
    Light Fireworks safely

    Ignite Fireworks safely

    • Always light the fireworks fuse at its tip.
    • Light fuse at arms length and stand clear.
    • Consider using an Igniter Stick or a Remote Firing System for optiimum safety. 
    Keep water at hand when you light Fireworks

    Keep water on hand: for extinguishing & disposal

    • Keep water on hand in case any of your spent Fireworks smolders or catches fire.
    • Dispose of used Fireworks (including debris) in a pail of water. Let soak for 24-48 hours and then throw away with your normal trash.
      Use eye protection when lighting Fireworks

      Always wear Safety Glasses

      • Safety glasses or goggles are highty recommended for individuals lighting Fireworks and those in close proximity to the Fireworks stage.
      Use caution if you have a dud Firework

      Use caution if you have a dud Firework

      • Wait at least 30 minutes before approaching a Firework that did not go off.
      • Never try to relight a firework that did not go off.
      • Never try to fix a firework that is defective.
      • Do NOT throw dud Fireworks into a campfire: unused powder can explode!

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