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How to Light Fireworks

Download or Print a copy of Rocket's Fireworks Lighting Instructions

The following instructions provide detailed information for setting up & lighting ROCKET Fireworks. Always read the directions and warning labels on fireworks. All Canadian-approved fireworks have bilingual labels that will instruct you on proper usage.


These low-level “volcano”: effects generally shoot 3-5 meters high. As such, they can be used in smaller yards and placed closer to the audience than aerial Fireworks. Optimum viewing distance is 6-12 meters (or as directed on the product packaging). Place on a flat, firm surface for lighting or bury or brace as indicated by the instructions on each product. You do not have to open a Fountain from its cardboard tube or package: simply remove the tape or protective foil from the fuse and ignite.


Wheels must be nailed securely to a fence, post or other support before ignition (nail is included with item). Make certain that the wheel has spinning clearance so that it turns freely prior to ignition. Wheels spray a shower of sparks to a smaller or greater degree depending on the size of the item. It is not recommended to affix a wheel to a tree because of the danger of setting leaves on fire. Wheels may leave a burn mark behind them after use.

Roman Candles

Candles should always be buried up to half of their length in sand or dirt. Never hold them in your hand. Never aim them at a person, animal or object. The fuse of a Roman Candle is at the top of the item. Remove the covering tape from the fuse prior to ignition.


Barrages have their wicks at the top, usually taped down. To ignite: plant the firework halfway into the ground, remove the tape and flip the wick up. As with Roman Candles, tear away some of the paper around the wick for easier ignition if applicable.

Sound Shells & Skyrockets

Bangers (e.g. Air Bomb, Crackling Thunder, Whistle Bomb) & Skyrockets go point-end in the ground. Note the 'UP' marker on the top of the item.

Mortar Shells

Secure these plastic base items by burying partially in a bucket of sand. Or place on a flat, firm surface and use heavy objects such as bricks or sandbags to stabilise them. To ignite, remove the protective foil from fuse. Light fuse tip at arms length and stand clear.

Vertical Cakes

The fuses of these multi-tubed Fireworks are either on the top or side of the item, protected by foil paper. ALWAYS bury Cakes halfway in the ground or secure them by using with rocks, bricks or sandbags to stabilise them and prevent tipping. Aside from the fuse protector, you do not have to remove any part of a Cake's packaging in order to ignite it.

Angled Cakes

 Angled Cakes fan out across the sky, as opposed to shooting straight up. Angled Cakes often have a trapezoid shape--tapered and the bottom and wider at the top--as opposed to (say) the hexagonal, square or rectangular shape of Vertical Cakes. Use the same safety precautions as you would with Vertical Cakes, except for one important difference: every Angled Cake will have a note on one side that states: “Face this side toward spectators for proper viewing”. It is crucial that you follow this directive. For one thing, the Cake must face the right way for the audience to see the intended fanning effect (left-to-right action). For another, facing the wrong side toward the audience will result in the effect fanning toward and away from them, which will be visually disappointing and potentially dangerous

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