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Glossary Fireworks Canada

Putting on a great fireworks show starts with picking great fireworks. Wheels, shells, cakes? What does it all mean? You'll find the answers below, in's glossary of common fireworks vocabulary. To view or order fireworks in each category, visit the links below.

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Firework Fountains

Lower-level items that emit showers of sparks, like an erupting volcano. Maximum height is 6.5m/20ft. Effects include whistling, crackling, colour-changes, etc. Safe for use in smaller or contained areas or where aerial fireworks are not possible.

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Spinners & Wheels

Special fireworks that are mounted (by nail) to a fence or post. Rotating faster and faster, they provide a spinning fountain effect--a cascading ring of fire. Safe for use in smaller or contained areas or where aerial fireworks are not possible.

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Roman Candles

Roman Candles

Small or medium diameter tube-type items with no base. These items emit multiple shots of individual flaming stars and are a staple in any display. Larger Candles produce secondary effects such as spinning whistles, buzzing bees & popping flowers.

View's wide selection of Roman Candles...

Sound Shells


Although these small, single-shot items contain various visual effects, their main purpose is to create loud screeches and thunderous bangs! Sound Shells can be used throughout your display to add punch between items more visual in nature.

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Produce rapid, continuous bursts of flaming, shooting stars--as if from a quick-firing cannon. Larger Barrages are relatively long lasting and often produce secondary effects, with stars changing to popping flowers or screaming ghosts.

View's wide selection of Barrages...

Mortar Shells

Mortar Shells

Single-shot items that shoot to high altitudes and produce stunning visuals, such as giant Star Mines, crackling Comets & colour-change Floral Bursts. Widely recognized as the hallmark bursts and explosions seen in Professional Fireworks Displays.

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Multi-shot Cakes

Firework Cakes

These popular fireworks consist of a series of shells linked together to provide repeated shots with multiple effects. Can provide spectacular and long lasting effects from a single ignition. Large Cakes are Ideal for your grand finale.

View's wide selection of Multi-shot Cakes...

Ground Effects & Novelties

Ground FX and Novelties

Smaller items designed for amusement prior to the main event—-or anytime on their own. Popular items include the Burning Schoolhouse, Ground Blooms, Strobe Lights and Parachutes. Great fun for adults and kids alike. Provide lasting fond memories.

View's wide selection of Ground Effects & Novelties...



Hand-held fireworks that burn slowly while emitting a cascade of goden light and sizzling sparks. A popular and memorable feature of fireworks holidays and special occasions. Often used at weddings to send off the bride and groom with fond farewells.

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Smoke Emitters & Grenades

Smoke Grenades

Used in firework displays, for personal entertainment, special effects (film, video or concerts), HVAC Airflow Testing, Paintball, etc. Products include 3-4 minute Coloured Emitters and large Pull-Wire Smoke Grenades.

View's wide selection of Smoke Emitters & Grenades...

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