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Mimico Residents Special

For 10% off this weekend only come Rocket HQ on Advance road and say "I'm from Mimico!"

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Want to Wow the Crowd?


Light up the night with special moments that only Rocket.ca can deliver.

From Backyards to Stadiums

For your next backyard gathering, community event, wedding, club, party, festival, or pro-level outdoor extravaganza, don't disappoint with anything less than Rocket.ca original fireworks.

Delivered to Your Doorstep

Ordering fireworks online at Rocket.ca is fast, safe, and FREE for orders $145+ in the GTA or $175+ across Canada. We deliver in 1-4 days to most Canadian destinations. Or visit one of Rocket's many retail stores across Ontario, with eye-popping selections of candles, shells, cakes, fountains, and complete "show in a box" packages.

Mind Blowing Value

For over 20 years, Rocket.ca has built exclusive wholesale and distributor partnerships to bring you the lowest prices for the best fireworks money can buy in Canada. You get the biggest BANG for your buck at Rocket.ca, GUARANTEED. We'll match any price you find online in Canada.

wedding with fireworks

Professional Displays

White-glove event management from set up to grand finale

Weddings • Parties • Special Events • Corporate Functions

They'll never forget your Rocket Fireworks!